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    Samsung Galaxy S5 shot, edited with SnapseedCanon EOS 700D shot, edited with Lightroom

    This one goes out to hanskou, who commented on this phone-shot from my Samsung Galaxy S5, that I edited with Snapseed and posted on my main-blog.
    I promised to try to rebuild the look with a photo from my DSLR and Lightroom.
    The top one is the original, the lower one the rebuilt one (I know, it’s not the same point of view and the focal lenght, and weather was different, but I didn’t want to go back again ^^).
    I used Lightroom 5.5 and the free version of Perfect Effects 8 (with “HDR Look”) to mimic the Snapseed Effects. I used many gradients and was quite heavy on the “clarity” and “contrast” silders and vignetting. Also I added a bit of grain to make it all more gritty.
    I think, I am quite close but not completely there… But it was pretty interesting to analyze a 30seconds edit with Snapseed and try to rebuild it in about 20 minutes with a different tool :)

    Where is this picture taken? post/95090825875/sucked-in-the-suburbia-series-pt-003

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hey :) All the photos from the “_suburbia” series are shot in various suburbs around Munich, Germany (at least the ones I already have). The one mentioned is from the smaller town I live.

    Would You Recognize a Cyber Bully Even in Your Midst?


    Dearest Friends and Followers,

    Let’s talk about cyber bullying- a very serious subject and one I hope you will take the time to really think about…

    As mentioned a while ago, for those that have paid attention, there have been some folks on tumblr, specifically in our community of photographers, that have been the victims of cyber bullying, perpetrated by a member of this community. We know who this person is- one generally has a good idea of who is stalking and bullying them.

    Let’s look at a few specific points about cyber bullies:

    Look for signs of harassment. Cyber bullying often takes the form of one person harassing another through emails, instant messages, text messages or other modes of electronic communication. Harassment is taking place if the bully is directly contacting someone with one or more of the following types of messaging:

    • Hateful or threatening verbal messages. This includes name-calling, attempts to control someone’s behavior by threatening to expose embarrassing information and/or threats of violence.
    • Embarrassing or threatening images or videos.
    • An unending barrage of emails, instant messages or texts, whether or not they are threatening in nature.
    • Lies about the person to make them look bad.

    Look for signs of public humiliation. Another common form of cyber bullying happens when the bully harasses a target by way of public embarrassment, rather than directly contacting him or her. Cyber bullies may use these public tactics:

    • Posting humiliating messages on a social media site, a blog, or another public space.
    • Spreading rumors and gossip using social media, text messages and other tools.
    • Sharing pictures or videos that are embarrassing or explicit in nature, or are altered with the intent to humiliate, on social media websites and through text messaging.
    • Creating a website filled with defamatory images, insults, and rumors about the target.

    Look for signs of impersonation. A less obvious, but equally harmful form of cyber bullying takes place when the bully attacks someone by impersonating him or her as a way to bring about humiliation or punishment. In this case it is more difficult to identify the perpetrator.

    • In some cases the bully may create a screen name nearly identical to the screen name used by someone else, then use that name to create embarrassing or threatening situations for him or her.
    • The bully may steal the target’s password, hack his or her accounts, and send embarrassing messages to others or make expensive purchases.

    And now let’s look at a Cyber Bully in action:


    Here, we can clearly see the cyber bully has created yet another fake blog impersonating Lina. Does anyone really think Lina would create a blog like this? Here is the link to the blog. I encourage you to go take a look at this blog and decide for yourself if you think this is something that Lina would create. I think it’s also interesting and very telling that the cyber bully clearly has his name visible on the blog in a threatening manner.

    Folks, cyber bullies, like anyone doing devious deeds, do these actions best when hiding in the shadows. It takes speaking the TRUTH and speaking out that shines the light on these people. Just imagine if you were the target and how bad it would make you feel, as though you have no where to turn, that your name and reputation is out there being smeared by someone that you know but yet can’t stop. Sure, he could be reported to tumblr, the blog could be deleted but he’ll just make another one, like he always does.

    People say, “ohhh, just ignore it, he’ll stop.” That’s exactly what he’s counting on! That you’ll ignore him so that he can keep right on bullying without fear of repercussions.

    And is that really fair to the victim? Is the victim expected to just suck it up, put on a tough skin and turn a blind eye?! NO! This is hurtful! This kind of behavior is a virtual weapon designed to inflict mental anguish on the victim.

    Folks, it’s time we all have the courage to recognize and admit that we have a bully among us.

    It takes a community, acting together, to have the courage to stop protecting the bully and drag him out of the shadows and say ENOUGH! We will not tolerate this kind of behavior any longer!

    This is the second time I have spoken out about this. The question now becomes, what are you, as a member of this community, going to do about the cyber bully in your community? Continue to hide him and ignore the truth, thereby enabling this disturbing behavior to continue or shine a light on him once and for all and demand that he stop.

    What if the victim were you?

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