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Hey there! I’m Pete and I like pictures and this is the blog about (my) photography - I sometimes even talk about it.

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  • Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to your favorite followers!

    Asked by va103

    Thank you! :)

    5 nice things about myself… Very tough at the moment tbh… But I’ll try

    1. I do believe in “Happy Ends”, which is a “nice thing”, because I do my very best to make them happen
    2. I think, I am a positive thinking and acting person
    3. I am a talker. But also a listener. (The second thing is the “nice thing”)
    4. I try to be genuine and not “wear a mask” to please others. Not on Tumblr and not in so called “real life”
    5. I try to have a good as ever possible relationship to the followers of my blog(s)

    Since in the photography-world on Tumblr, many won’t do these kind of things, and I don’t want anyone to feel pushed: Whoever this reads and *would* publish it on his or her blog, please, please, please do it and tag me, ok?

    "1 Photo - 1000 Pictures" Calendar Week 17: photorapist


    The next weeks photo to edit is a contribution by photorapist - thank you very much for providing us one of your shots for the project, Constantine!


    If you are new to the project, please read HOW IT WORKS and our FAQs.

    The unedited original can be downloaded here.

    Please submit your edited pictures until Saturday, April 26th.


    The edits of chrisees photo will be shown during the upcoming week, Monday to Friday.


    Also, please let us remind you that you can submit one of your own shots to be edited by the community in one of the next weeks!

    Just send the unedited file to lanipix1701@gmail.com (preferrably RAW, but we also accept high resolution JPGs).

    Happy editing!

    Lani and Pete



    "I know how to fly, I know how to drown in
    Sky blue

    3/80 Somewhere

    Thanks a bunch, Hubertus hubertushillebrand and TPS thephotographerssociety !
    This “somewhere” is actually somewhere above Greece. It is a photo of my way home from my holiday last year. The first time, I had a seat at a window in a plane ^^ So I rather spent time taking photos, than complaining about the bad coffee on board - which is what I normally do extensively ^^

    "When I allow it to be
    There’s no control over me
    I have my fears
    But they do not have me”

    - “Darkness” / Peter Gabriel

    "Walking through the undergrowth
    To the house in the woods
    The deeper I go, the darker it gets”

    - “Darkness” / Peter Gabriel

    Not Vienna

    Just to proof that Germany also has nice churches ;) “Asamkirche” / Munich

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