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Hey there! My name is Pete and I like pictures and this is the blog about (my) photography - I sometimes even talk about it.

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    1. As some of you might know, my favourite band is “Genesis” - a fact that will become quite obvious, in case you ever meet me in real life ;)
    2. My photography-blog (this one) is sort of like my diary. In my photography I try go for mood and emotion, rather than for anything else.
      I strongly believe, that you can transmit a lot of emotion even through landscape-photography.
    3. Even though this part of my photography is not really present on my Tumblr, I really enjoy taking portraits and will upload some more to my Flickr soon
    4. I’m a coffee-addict. I don’t drink too much though, but I grind my coffee-beans every morning myself :)
    5. I stopped smoking more than 5 months ago, on April, 8th

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