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Hey there! My name is Pete and I like pictures and this is the blog about (my) photography - I sometimes even talk about it.

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  • pedromgabriel:

    Are you interested in how someone would describe your photos in one or two words? 

    Thousands of photographs are reblogged daily from original photographers. But why do people keep reblogging them?  What does our photography mean to our fans and followers? 

    I want to let you know about a new project a few others and I are getting off the ground… Camera Raw!

    CameraRaw is blog dedicated to spotlighting original photographers on tumblr, run by a group of passionate individuals who enjoy learning from and being inspired by others. 

    We realize there are many excellent photo re-blogging sites — it is not our intent to replace them. Our mission is to provide feedback and add value in a simple way. 

    Every photo we re-blog elicits an emotional response from us. We will add a word or two conveying our emotional interpretation of their work to give the photographer an idea of how their photos make others feel. 

    We encourage you to submit your own photos for consideration, and we look forward to growing with you!

    Please check out our “About Us" section.

    Get in contact with us Here.

    Follow us at http://camera-raw.tumblr.com/

    Thank you very much!

    Even though she’s the better photographer, Stephi (stephiramona) literally begged me to take photos of her. And since she doesn’t have any other friends with cameras, and I have a heart of gold *sigh* plus: I am easily persuaded by a piece of cake (Hey, you owe me a piece of cake!), I agreed.

    She told me, that today is her first Tumblr birthday, so I thought I’ll post one of the photos.


    Selfie Sunday PWS Members Submission

    Jeez, no! No, I never did anything wrong. I’m completely innocent! All others are to blame”
    - typical admin statement


    The selfie phenomenon is not just a vain thing, to help us to present ourselves in the best possible light. No, it’s also pure fun! And many of you proved, that even (or especially) a selfie can be extremely artistic (the above one is not. It’s plain stupid).

    Thank you all for your fantastic selfie submissions! What a fun day, what a great event! It was so great to see all of the well known and new faces. To see all the creativity that was put into this event. YOU out there made it special! Thank you!

    Like every time, we close the PWS Selfie Sunday with a photographer not worth seeing and switch “PWS - Photo(grapher)s Worth Seeing” back to

    PWS - Photos Worth Seeing

    Tomorrow the reblogs of 12 of the greatest “No Edit Friday” photos.

    So long! Thank you all!

    P.S.: During Selfie Sunday we received a lot of messages, that not a bored and frustrated caveman invented the Selfie Sunday, but a bored and frustrated 14 year old girl with a smartphone. Thank you, nameless girl, you started one of the greatest fun-events in Tumblr history!

    My contribution for the PWS Selfie Sunday.

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